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Premium marabú charcoal, origin: Cuba

charcoal and Cuban cigarCuba isn’t only the origin of fine cigars, but also of a very special kind of charcoal:

Carbocuba™ Marabú charcoal is the perfect charcoal as well for the professional gastronomic sector as for selective and ecoconscious barbecue enthusiasts. For Carbocuba™ Marabú charcoal no trees are cut down and no plantations are needed. Carbocuba™ Marabú charcoal is the benefit which can be derived from the excessive spreading of an exuberantly growing species of plant.

These are some of the characteristics of Carbocuba™ Marabú charcoal:

charcoal marabú Carbocuba bags

  • certified premium quality (DINplus)
  • made from single-origin hardwood
  • delivers long-lasting high heat
  • suitable for gastronomic use
  • no development of smoke or soot
  • homogenous black color, metallic sound
  • natural form (branch shape, 2-15 cm)
  • eco-friendly background

Carbocuba™ Marabú charcoal is a charcoal for professional use, whose burning is at a very high tempature and of long duration.

High purity (recognizable by the small amount of ashes which remains after burning) and high density are also features of Carbocuba™ Marabú charcoal. Because of its high density, which is the source of its gross heat, for a fast and easy ignition of the charcoal, just like for briquettes, we reccomend to use a chimney starter (see text box on the right side) instead of igniting the charcoal directly on the grill.

Put Carbocuba marabú charcoal to the test and be delighted by optics and performance!

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